Curatorial Works

Night Contact 2021

Night Contact is a projection based photography and multimedia festival. Supporting and promoting contemporary image making, Night Contact aims to bring exciting and innovative screen based visual works to the public realm.

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Magnum Photos Now

Talks programme at the Barbican Centre. 2017-2020.

A series of curated monthly talks for Magnum Photos, in collaboration with and hosted at the Barbican Centre. This programme sought to present lively debates that consider critical discourses around photography, in-conversations with acclaimed Magnum photographers, writers and curators.

Some of the themes covered include the photographic depiction of migration; conflict; empathy; counter-culture; photographic fictions; storytelling; cinema; humanism; photography & the archive; and the photobook. Speakers include Geoff Dyer (Author), David Campany (Writer, Curator, Artist), Olivia Arthur (Photographer), Martin Parr (Photographer), Yasufumi Nakamori (Tate Modern’s Senior Curator of International Art (Photography)), Sean O’Hagan (Writer, The Guardian and The Observer), Mikhael Subotzky (Photographer), Cristina de Middel (Photographer).

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The Body Observed

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich. March – July 2019 (and subsequent touring) Co-curated by Emily Graham and Monserrat Pis Marcos

Emily Graham exhibition-The body observed

This major photography exhibition includes over 130 works from the 1930s to the present. The exhibition explores how Magnum photographers have turned their lens to the human body, examining issues such as identity, intimacy, sexuality and ritual, to voyeurism and performance amongst others.

The exhibition explores the photographic representation of the human body (specifically in relation to the documentary photograph), considering how photographic representation both mimics and corrupts the tropes of figurative representation defined through the history of art, developing its own language through the medium’s unique position between utilitarian function and artistic application. The camera has been used to examine, gaze upon, categorise, scrutinise, and objectify the body. This exhibition proposes to look at how Magnum photographers have turned their lens to the body, presenting works that explore issues such as gaze, identity, intimacy, sexuality, voyeurism and performance, and drawing into focus the societal and cultural structures that affect the representation of the human form.

This group exhibition includes Eve Arnold’s portraits of Hollywood icon Joan Crawford and Philippe Halsman’s Dalí Atomicus, a work that was selected as one of the “100 Most Influential Images of All Time” by TIME magazine in 2016. Other highlights are Alec Soth’s series Niagara, an exploration of love and passion in one of America’s best known honeymoon destinations, and Alessandra Sanguinetti’s The Adventures of Guille and Belinda, including Ophelias – inspired by the enigmatic beauty of John Everett Millais’ classic painting.

The show also features work by Olivia Arthur, Werner Bischof, Antoine d’Agata, Bieke Depoorter, Cristina García Rodero, Bruce Gilden, Tim Hetherington, Herbert List, Susan Meiselas and Miguel Rio Branco.

The exhibition was curated in response to the Sainsbury Centre’s extraordinary collection of European modern art – focused on the figurative in 20th Century modern art, as well as their significant early ethnographic collection of figurative objects from non-Western nations. Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, Francis Bacon, Jacob Epstein, Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti and Amedeo Modigliani are all represented in the collection.

The public programme included a conversation between Susan Meiseles and Emily Graham on Susan Meiseles’s photographic practice.

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The Medium Is The Message

Barbican Centre, London. July 2019.
Co-curated by Emily Graham and Magnum Photos

A week long residency at the Barbican Centre in their Life Rewired Hub, whereby a series of free, interactive and informal creative experiments, presentations and conversations explored technology’s impact on our existence through the medium of photography. Technology and its impact on our world is arguably the most critical story of the 21st Century. Societal changes led by technological developments, are affecting almost every aspect of our lives. Photography is uniquely placed to document the dialogue between man and technology as both medium and message.

Featuring Magnum photographers including Alec Soth, Sohrab Hura and Mark Power, and other speakers including Stuart Smith (Publisher and Designer, GOST Books). Magnum books, images and short films were also on display.

Peter Marlow – A Life in Pictures

Protein Studio, London. June 2016.

Following the sudden and tragic passing of Magnum photographer Peter Marlow in February 2016, A Life in Pictures was a memorial exhibition celebrating Peter’s life and work. Peter’s friends and colleagues from the Magnum Photos collective each selected their stand out image from his vast archive, alongside personal reflections, creating an exhibition that spans his early work as a photojournalist in Haiti, his seminal photographs from ‘Liverpool: Looking Out to Sea’ and his lifelong commitment to documenting his family.

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Night Contact 2014

Brighton Photo Biennial, various locations across Brighton City
Curated & Directed by Emily Graham

Night Contact 2014

Night Contact is a projection based photography and multimedia festival. Supporting and promoting contemporary image making, Night Contact aims to bring together exciting and innovative photographic works that provoke or engage in conversations with other media, such as film, music and literature.

The second edition of Night Contact took place across a range of venues in Brighton, UK in October 2014, and formed part of the internationally recognised Brighton Photo Biennial. The programme aimed to deconstruct and question the process of collaboration in relation to the image. The selected work explored ideas of borrowing and influence, collaboration’s affect on individual practice, digital culture and the life of images online, participatory modes of creation, and questions of authorship and re-appropriation. NC14 showcased film and photography by over 180 artists, including international award winners the ARKA Group, Manuel Fernadez, Jason Fulford, Jason Lazarus & Eric Fleischauer, John Maclean, Melanie Manchot, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Joanna Piotrowska, Rick Morris Pushinsky, Ben Rivers, Aleix Plademunt, Bjorn Veno, Isabelle Wenzel & Michel Kouider, alongside emerging talent. Three outdoor screens, one indoor cinema space and pop-up installation in an HGV truck sat alongside stalls and bars stretched over a square mile of central Brighton. A £2,500 grant was awarded to two visual artists, Tom Pope and Terrence Smith, to produce a new work for the festival, encouraging experimentation through collaboration. This was shown in a custom built projection space over the weekend of Night Contact. Over 500 artists submitted work to the event. These submissions were judged by panels of artists, including photographers and filmmakers, musicians and poets, and professionals from organisations such as Photoworks, The Photographers Gallery and Brighton City Council.

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Night Contact 2013

Gillett Square, Dalston, London
Curated & Directed by Emily Graham & Anna Stevens

Night Contact 2013

The inaugural edition of Night Contact took place across a range of venues in Dalston, East London in September 2013, presenting innovative work from the new frontiers of photography; screening projections across indoor and outdoor spaces, and illuminating the streets of Dalston with still and moving images. At the centre of the festival were three new multi-channel works, commissioned from photographers working in collaboration with filmmakers and sound artists.

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